About us

Who are we? We are Boss Boxes. What do we do? We provide our customers with custom created boxes, filled with tons of exciting stuff inducing collectibles, apparel, figures, and much more. When do we do it? As soon as you click the "order now" button. Ever since, the idea of the mystery box came into being. The world has been introduced to several different websites, each of which focuses on their take on the mystery box and its contents. However, with competition at max capacity, we need to do something different. We need to think out of the box (pun intended) and, well, this is where the idea of Boss Boxes came to light. We, at Boss Boxes, believe in giving the customer all the information they need before they make a purchase. Hence, all the products that we have available come with a detailed list of the contents found inside. Whether it is our gaming console boxes, or our PC gaming boxes, we tell you precisely what you'll find inside. No more surprises, no more disappointments. With Boss Boxes, you know exactly what you're getting your hands into (a box full of incredible, much-need gaming accessories.) But there is more to our company then just boxes. We provide other exceptional, high-quality products that you can order for yourself or your loved ones. We deal in exclusive gaming gear, provide 100% secure online shopping, and offer the best prices on the internet. Make the right choice and pick the box you know you won't regret later.